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The Devolution 

All-Party Parliamentary Group

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The next steps for affordability and the national social tariff for water - Tuesday 5 March



Improving the management of surface water, flood risk and river health
In conversation with David Black


APPG Water November 2022 Minutes

MINUTES: March 2022 – The race to net zero


MINUTES: October 2021 – Drowning in bills: Why water poverty should matter to Parliament 

MINUTES: July 2021 – PR24 how does the water sector deliver the 25 Year Environment Plan


MINUTE: December 2020 – A Year to COP26

MINUTE: October 2020 – Devolution: What can the regions learn from one another

MINUTE: July 2020 – Agriculture Bill: A new opportunity for the water industry

MINUTE: May 2020 – Covid-19: How is the industry responding?


MINUTE: February 2019 – Price Review 2019

MINUTE: April 2019 – Future of the Water Sector

MINUTE: May 2019 – Brexit and the Environment Bill

MINUTE: October 2019 – The Water Regulator


MINUTE: February 2018 – Water Infrastructure and the National Policy Statement for Water Resources

MINUTE: March 2018 – Better Water Usage and the 25 Year Environment Plan

MINUTE: April 2018 – The introduction of retail competition: one year on

MINUTE: June 2018 – The Adoption of Sustainable Drainage Systems

MINUTE: July 2018 – Is there a crisis of trust in water companies?

MINUTE: September 2018 – AGM and Quality of water and rivers: One year on from WWF’s report, Flushed Away

MINUTE: October 2018 – Water and the Agriculture Bill

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