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Digital Skills

All-Party Parliamentary Group on

The purpose of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Digital Skills is to provide a forum for parliamentarians, educators and employers to promote the importance of digital skills and to encourage a greater understanding of digital skills for personal, educational and career development.

About the Group

The key objectives of the Group will be to:

  1. Raise awareness to parliamentarians and policymakers that digital skills are vital to the UK economy;

  2. Communicate the urgency of upskilling the population in digital skills and the importance of improving digital skills to enhance the UK’s productivity, competitiveness and social mobility;

  3. Work with MPs to champion digital skills in communities, education and the workplace.

Group officers
Chair: Chris Green MP

The APPG is chaired by Chris Green MP, Conservative MP for Bolton West

The qualifying officers for the APPG are:
  • Jonathan Gullis MP (Vice Chair)

  • Baroness Neville-Jones (Vice Chair)

  • Lord Goddard of Stockport (Vice Chair)

  • Lord Mair (Vice Chair)

  • Lord Inglewood (Vice Chair)

  • Siobhain McDonagh MP (Officer)

  • Damian Collins MP (Officer)

  • Miriam Cates MP (Officer)

  • Owen Thompson MP (Officer)

  • Lord Knight of Weymouth (Officer)

  • Baroness Verma (Officer)

  • Lord Lucas (Officer)

  • Lord Aberdare (Officer)

  • Lord Hall of Birkenhead (Officer)

  • Baroness Goudie (Officer)

The group is sponsored by BT, City and Guilds, and Google, who are passionate about driving the agenda forward

Digital Skills APPG launches 2023 report: Better Connected – Digital Britain by 2030
Digital Skills report.jpg

The digital world is exciting, fast-paced and developing at a rapid speed. Digital skills will play a huge role in what our future will look like, both in terms of our personal and professional lives, and people must have the skills and the confidence to transition to the requirements of our digital future.

How we support everybody, regardless of their current levels of skills or experience in using new technology and digital solutions will be critical in ensuring that nobody is left behind as the world rapidly changes.

In our recommendations, the APPG for Digital  Skills looks forward to supporting a bright digital future for everyone, championing inclusivity and reflecting the rich diversity of circumstance, age and background in our country. With joined up thinking and creative decision-making, we believe that everybody can develop their digital skills necessary to flourish in the 21st century, post pandemic United Kingdom and stay ahead of the fast-paced and exciting change we are seeing in the world around us.

We invite you to download and read our report.

Chris Green MP

Vice Chair

Meeting programme

May 2023 – Maintaining Digital as a priority within Department of Science, Innovation and Technology


July 2023 – The Impact of Intuitive AI on Digital Skills and society


October 2023 – Empowering UK Healthcare through Digital Innovation

Privacy Policy 

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Contact the group


Chair: Chris Green MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 0207 219 8685. Email:

This is not an official website [or Feed] of Parliament. It has not been approved by either House. APPGs are informal groups of Parliamentarians with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed are those of the group.

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Digital Skills

All-Party Parliamentary Group on

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